We are here to take your "big ideas" and make them reality.

Welcome to Namron's Neoprene Products...

Neoprene is a versatile material that has many uses and applications.

We have been working with Neoprene for over forty years and there isn't much we don't know about it. Although Neoprene is  best known for it's use in wetsuits, its attributes can be applied in many different areas.

In recent years we have noticed that designers and inventors have been interested in the benefits that neoprene can offer.

As we are one of the few companies still manufacturing with Neoprene in the U.K. we are often the first contact for individuals or companies that are interested in developing new products.

We are here to help people in their use of neoprene, whether it's guidance on suitable grades or a complete design and manufacture service.



We have helped many companies with their "big ideas" and are proud of every project we have undertaken. Unfortunately, due to Non Disclosure Agreements we can't comment on every project, but you will find a few we can talk about on our projects page.